Athena Catering Manager

Kitchen Management Solutions for Prisons Athena will improve the prisoner experience, and also reduce costs and improve efficiency in the wings and in catering.

Enhanced the Prisoner food experience

Diet does play an important part in behaviour and attitude.

Athena will help to improve prisoner “Well being” by providing full and complete information to help them make the correct dietary decision.

Athena provides prisoners with easy to understand information whereby they can make informed decisions, which includes:
  • Nutrition dish and menu analysis
  • Food quality and definition with detailed descriptions with pictures and health indicator images
  • Religious characteristics
  • Classifications: Vegan, Vegatarian, lactose intollerance, etc.

Can Food influence prisoner behaviour?

  • Self catering has been used in some prison as an incentive to successfully influence prisoner behaviour
  • Self selection of product and their cooking of them, positively helps post prison adaption
  • Athena education module provides the means of tracking and encouraging trade skills

Accurate purchasing based prisoners selections

Costs can be controlled accurately. Based on the actual prisoner meal selections, purchase orders are created. This will mean, less wastage, optimum purchasing.