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Athena – Catering Management

Athena is a fully scalable solution. Ideal for the smallest to the largest kitchen. It is fast and easy to implement. We a friendly support team to help you.
It provides a user friendly web based interface, which can be accessed by your team and your customers. Wasp Inventory control has been integrated with Athena. Providing an Automated Demand based purchase order process for the catering sector.

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Athena – WASP Inventory Control integration

Athena and WASP Inventory control have been integrated This providing the prefect strategy: We directly help in maintaining your inventory so that you achieve the best purchase prices, your recipes and menus are maintained directly from your up-todate stock and all purchase orders can be automatically or manually created based on actual or expected demand and current stock holdings. The power of Wasp Inventory control has been ingrated to give you barcode scanning of recipt and stock transactions, whereby prices are immediately updated to your system.

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Athena is unique in offering an interface at every stage of the learning journey. It is both quick and simple to use, saving time and money.

Athena is the only learning management system available that allows you to combine both paper and electronic forms. It is compatible with existing in-house or other systems linking student records, assessments, surveys and more, to deliver a standardized solution.

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Athena Industry Specific Solutions

Athena is both flexible and versatile and can be adapted to a number of different learning and training environments. Find out more about:

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Athena for Catering

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